Current Version 0.5 Released on Dec 06th 2007.

WP User Moderation is a WordPress Plugin that helps to moderate and approve the WordPress User Account generation.

This Plugin can be used by anyone who wants to control the registrations to their website.

How it Works:

When this Plugin is enabled, whenever user register for a account following happens.

1. This plugin blocks the confirmation mail to user till the account creation is approved by the Admin.

2.  It gives the following message “Thanks for Registering & You will receive an email once your account is approved!” to user who tries to register at your site.

3. When account is enabled, mail will be send to the user with account details.

Downloads :

Latest version : 0.5

Whats done in this Release :

  1. Now you can specify the Display Name to the email address which is sent to user upon the appoval. Previously only option was provided to specify the email address.
  2. Also you can specify the Display Name to the email address which is sent to User Moderator. Previously only option was provided to specify the email address.
  3. We have also added the email bodies (both the email bodies) and Update Options to POT file so it can be translated to any language.
  4. Added the “userid” buildin variables, which can be used as ##userid## in your email bodies so that your moderator mails can be generated with direct approval/discard links

NOTE : All these features are added as per our users request you can see in comments section below. Comments #45, #59 are addressed.

Download version 0.5

Downloaded times.

Latest Version : 0.4

Change Log :
1. Included First and Last names as part of Pending Registration.
2. French Translation is done by Matthias Hawran. Thanks for his effort.

Release Date : Nov 09th 2007.

Download version 0.4

Downloaded times.

Version : 0.3

Change Log :
1. Corrected the Plugin filename Filename, added missing “a” in moderation part of the file name, also moved the plugin to a directory.
2. Added an Option to customize the mails to user/Admin.
Also added Option to send a mail to user when Admin adds an user account.
Checkout these options at Options->WPUserModeration Page.

Release Date : Oct 12th 2007.

Download version 0.3

Downloaded times.

Version : 0.2

Change Log : Supported email notification to Admin. Visit Users->Pending Registration to enable the eMail notification of pending moderation of users, by default its disabled.

Release Date : Sep 22nd 2007.

Download version 0.2

Downloaded times.

Version : 0.1

Release Date : Sep 05th 2007.

Download version 0.1

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To DO:

1. Allow to customize the email send to user upon the approval of Account creation.

Update : This is done in version 0.3 of the plugin.

2. Optional Discard message to User, with reason for the Discard. This will be useful when we are looking for more details through Extra User fields and need a clarification from user.

This Plugin is tested with WordPress 2.2.2. However this should work fine with 2.0 version of WordPress.


Step 1: Upload the wp-user-modertion.php  file into your WordPress plugins directory.

Step 2: Visit your Plugins Page now you should see WP User Moderation Plugin on your Plugin Tab.

Step 3: Now activate the plugin and make sure that you have Anyone can Register Option is selected in Options Page.

Step 4: After step 3, all the new registrations will showup under ‘Users’ -> ‘Pending Registrations’ where you may approve or discard them with a simple click.

License :

Copyright (C) 2007 Dealsway Solutions

The program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Bugs and Support :

Any Bugs and Suggustions please report here.