Latest release is 0.4

We are glad to release our new Plugin WP User Manager. Technically this plugin will match the features of “cimy-user-extra-fields” wordpress plugin. However this plugin manages the user meta details using the usermeta table itself, but cimy plugin uses a seperate table.

Also our plugin allows to control the existing meta data to be part of User Registration, if we are correct cimy extra fields plugin doesn’t support this feature. Update : cimy extra fields plugins supports hidden fields as well from version 1.0.0

Basically this Plugin aims at improving the WordPress User Management so that WordPress can be used beyond blog and something like a CMS too. It allows to add more meta data (extra Fields) to users. Also these extra meta fields or already existing meta data such as last name, first name , yahoo, aim, jabber and description user meta data to be part of the user registration form.

Also this plugin will allow admins and users to manage the extra fields from the admin panel.

Downloads :

Download Version 0.4

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Change Log Version 0.4 :

This release has got the bug fixes for Length check and Corruption of First user field when other fields are edited.

Change Log Version 0.3 :

Provision to delete the User Field, when Field is deleted all the data associated with the User Fields will be deleted. Only Admin can perform this action.

Change Log Version 0.2 :

Both Admin and User can edit the Extra Fields from their user edit and Profile Pages

How it works

Once you activate this plugin, it adds a Tab to Menu “UserFields”. This has got sub menu such as “Add Field” & “Edit Field”.

You can see that already fields “last name, first name , yahoo, aim, jabber and description ” are available to manage.

Also here last name and first name are chosen to be part of user registration to your website. If you don’t want them to be part of user registration you can disable them by editing fields first name and last name using “Edit Option” under “UserFields->Edit Field”

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Older Versions:

Download Version 0.3

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Download Version 0.2

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Download Version 0.1

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